Friday, 16 March 2012

Bobwhite Quail Production and Management Guide

Dear Users,
There are some question before raising quails, How you can Begin Raising Healthy, Fertile, and Productive Quail no matter where you live andgenerate an income from your Hobby.
If you want to raise Quail the right way, instead of WASTING MONEY on Quail that die or don't lay eggs,you need to read this, BEFORE you start raising Quail....
You want to raise Quail correctly from the start,but you have a ton of questions....
How much it would cost to get started?
Do you have enough room for raising Quail?
What kind of equipment will you need to raise Quail?
How much room is required for a Quail breeding farm?
What type of Quail coops will work best for Quail farming?
This Book will help all in this regard. Enjoy
Breeding and Hatchery Management
Bird Management
Disease Prevention, sanitation and Biosecurity
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